“Everything about our therapist is amazing! He has done so much for both of our children. Not only does he always go the extra mile in all of his sessions, but he always does it with a smile. Our daughter looks forward to her sessions with him each week. Our therapist is hands down the best speech therapist we have ever worked with and I couldn’t imagine our children being where they are without all of his professionalism, kindness, and unconditional support. He truly makes a difference!”

Allison S


When the Covid Pandemic shut down all of our Early Intervention services, including Speech Therapy for my son we felt at a loss of how to help him ourselves. We feel very fortunate to have met our therapist from Speech Therapy for All. Our son had been struggling with communication and we were struggling to help him. Our therapist has been working with our son, Nathaniel on the PECS system and teaching us oral exercises to get his muscles working properly. Nathaniel is catching on with the PECS system, we are able to communicate much better with him and he his making many more sounds! The improvements we are seeing with our son from his weekly video visits with him are so exciting for us! His professionalism and knowledge mixed with silly games and fun visual effects keep our busy two year old’s attention and makes him want to learn.

Thank you!

The Coveleskie Family


Working with my therapist from speech therapy for all has been a true blessing for my daughter. My daughter is normally very hesitant to engage with anyone new or outside of family due to her anxiety and speech delays but she took to him right away. He truly knows how to connect with children and get them engaged. I have truly seen great improvements with my daughter’s speech and anxiety since starting services.

Courtney B


Our therapist did an amazing job with our son. Our soon to be 2 year old is very shy and doesn’t do well with “strangers” yet he was at complete ease with our therapist. He’d even get excited when we’d tell him it was time to talk to him.

We were concerned with our son’s limited vocabulary and lack of desire to communicate. Our therapist made therapy feel like a game for our son and wasn’t pushy at all. Our son was receptive and improved in his communication in only a few short sessions.

We highly recommend this service to anyone and everyone!

Clark family


My son came into this with minimal words and he’s been in this program for a little over 3 months with much more understanding and vocalizing. I am so appreciative of our SLP,! He’s done amazing things.

Allison G


We faced difficulties with getting a device through our state insurance and I posted asking for help in a touch chat Facebook group. A therapist from Speech Therapy For All  connected me with several resources to help get the device through our private insurance. Once we had the device we were left on our own as the therapy wasn’t approved. I watched all the videos On TouchChatHD website but there’s still a discrepancy between editing the device and how to develop language in a pre-verbal 4 year old. My therapist was there to bridge that gap. He offered tons of support and information on best practices. Through several one on one zoom sessions I was confident in my ability to help my son grow language. My therapist continues to check in because he truly cares about his clients quality of life and ability to communicate. He’s been available for questions on the device and also best practices for our sons ABA clinic. Our therapist will remain part of our lives because he cares and has buy in from across the country, because he has passion for what he does and is happy to share his knowledge with others. Our family highly recommends his service.

Thank you!

Samantha L